This guide has been developed to give you a working knowledge of the LivePerson Administrator's Console in order to assist you with transitioning into your new role. The Admin Console is the most important component to implementing a LiveHelp program. It is the means by which all content is developed and controlled for LiveHelp.

If you are a new Program Manager: Please read this guide before your training webinar with Pro Bono Net.

Setting Up Your LivePerson Account

LivePerson provides great guides to setting up your account on their website. However, these guides are designed primarily for users of LivePerson Pro and focus on applications of LivePerson for commercial purposes. For that reason, some of the steps for operating a LivePerson program that you will find on LivePerson's website have been omitted.

Note on Saving in LivePerson:

Please remember to save your progress whenever you create or amend content for your LiveHelp program within the admin console. LivePerson does not automatically save your changes. Every time you edit content for your program, you will need to check to see if there is a save option before you move on to other tasks.

Reporting in LivePerson:
Reporting is arguably LivePerson's greatest utility in the sense that it enables you, the program manager, to access the volumes of information created by your LiveHelp progam. Due to the amount of information associated with learning how to use LivePerson's reporting features, a guide has been created for your convenience.

You can find the Guide to Reporting and Stats Collection on Pro Bono Net's Statewide Website ("SWEB").