How to Create Canned Chat Messages

Canned Chat Messages are pre-loaded responses Operators can use when chatting with Users. They are great for standardizing responses for all users. Typical Canned Chat Messages include:

  • Pre-chat disclaimers
  • Links to commonly used resources
  • Responses for difficult situations or customers (for example, cases of domestic violence where safety may be an concern, or stubborn users)
  • Just about any response that you feel would benefit and enhance the experience for your users and Operators.

Creating Canned Chat Messages is a very simple procedure. You can create basic text responses or you can enhance your canned message responses by formatting them with HTML code. Using HTML allows you to create hyperlinks as well as improve the visibility and presentation of the message.

To learn how to create Canned Chat content,
view LivePerson's tutorial.

To see samples of Canned Chats from other programs,
view samples in SWEB.

If you are unfamiliar with HTML, fear not. Listed below are some basic commands + instructions on how to code an HTML based response.

Basic HTML Coding
<a href=[insert link here]>Insert Text To Appear as Hyperlink </a>
Bold <b> insert content to be bolded<b>
Paragraph (to separate text/paragraphs) <p>
Italicized <i>insert content</i>
Emphasis <em> insert content </em>
Strong <strong> insert content</strong>

System Messages:
System Messages are pre-populated responses automatically sent by LivePerson to the user. They are used for a variety of instances such as when a visitor is in queue waiting for an Operator, an Operator sends an invitation for a Desktop Sharing session, or when an Operator has closed the chat session. Every LivePerson account comes with a default System Messages setup but you also have the option of creating your own System Messages for users.

To find information on how to edit System Messages,
view LivePerson's tutorial.