How to Set Up a Skill

Skills are a means of packaging all of the materials you have created for your program and delivering them to the user. Think of a Skill as a pizza box. You want to put into that box all of the content you want your users and Navigators to have access to.

If you are a new program manager joining an existing LiveHelp program, chances are you already have a Skill for your program.

Some programs have more than one skill for multiple LiveHelp programs. For instance, Texas has two Skills: one Skill is for disaster relief purposes and is staffed by volunteer lawyers while the other Skill is for users of and is staffed by the Texas Legal Services Center.

It is advisable to consider creating a new skill whenever your program is looking to expand its range of LiveHelp service in collaboration with another stakeholder. Pro Bono Net can help you identify the best skill structure for your program.

LivePerson's tutorial for Skill creation can be viewed here.

**Note** When adding Operators to your Skill, make sure they are Operators with your program. Adding Operators that are not affiliated with your program/organization to your Skill will enable them to take chats for your Skill.