How to Set Up a Profile

So far you've created a Skill (pizza box) to deliver your materials in and assigned Operators (delivery person) to deliver it. Now you need to create a Profile to compile all your content. Think of a Profile as the pizza itself and the content as its ingredients.

The content that you will create for your program includes:

  • Canned Chat Messages
  • Pre-Chat, Operator and Exit Surveys
  • Offline Survey
  • System Messages (optional)
  • Window Styles (optional)

When you create a Profile, you assign it to the Skills you want that Profile's content to be presented in. For example, when Montana Legal Services Association created a new Skill for its Eastern Montana LiveHelp Kiosk project, it assigned to that Skill the same Profile that it uses for its MontanaLawHelp LiveHelp Skill.

To learn about setting up a Profile, read LivePerson's overview.