Creating User Surveys

User Surveys in LivePerson are a tool that enables program managers to learn more about their users and their experience. Survey's can be taken before the user engages the Operator in chat or after the user finishes a chat. Most programs ask the user to do both a pre-chat and post-chat survey.

Survey questions can be formed to gather specific information about your users. Such information could be the user's age, location, gender, income, or legal question, satisfaction with help received, etc.

Survey Logic - LivePerson offers a great feature with its survey tools, survey logic. With survey logic you can tailor surveys for specific groups of people, giving groups (depending on a user's answer to a given question) of your choosing a completely unique survey experience. For instance, if your grant requires you to seek information regarding the location of baby boomers using your LiveHelp service, you can enable survey logic to present users who identify themselves as baby boomers in a previous question with an additional question that will ask them about their location.

For instructions on how to create a user-survey and use survey logic, view LivePerson's tutorial.

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