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Welcome to the Admin Manual. Here you will find detailed information on how to utilize the different tools that make up your site. This manual is organized by tool - click on the title of a tool to get started. Depending on your site configuration, certain tools may be available to only admins, members only or all users. Please note that most content can be administered via the Admin Inbox and directly via the resource itself. Be sure to look at our Library and Trainings for additional information.

Please contact our HelpDesk with any questions.


Watch this 60 minute video on the Nuts and Bolts of your Site, a supplement to the written material below. 

Basic Tools

Area Homepage
Flexible Content Page Tool (About page, Help page, etc. )
Admin Inbox
Member Joining and Approval
Roster Tool

Content Tools

Custom Resource Page

Communication Tools


Volunteer Engagement Tools

Opportunities Guide
Projects Tool
New Cases

Enhanced New Cases

Be sure to also check out our Content Style Guide and Integrating Multimedia Guide for information on formatting content and using multimedia!



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