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The flexible content page consists of a CKeditor and sub pages (called child pages) that serve as simple yet versatile page tools for various content needs.

Flexible content pages are edited using FCKEditor and using the Settingsicon at the top right of all pages. You have the option of creating flexible content pages in any of the following three forms:

1. A single, flat HTML page
In the example below, from, this tool was used to create a single Government Attorneys page that has been integrated into the site's tool navigation bar along the top:


2. A landing page with links on it
Most About and Help pages take this form. In the screen shot below, the Help page is a landing page with a series of links and captions--exactly like the Admin Manual landing page you're reading now. Each link leads to a subpage with the full information.


3. A landing page with expandable child pages
You can also create Flexible content pages with "expandable" child pages, where clicking on a title "opens" the page and shows the content.

Examples of what you may want on your flexible content pages:

NOTE: If you are interested in using this feature to add other pages to your site -- in addition to About and Help -- please contact

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How to Add Sub, or Child, Pages to a Flexible Content Page

You may add links -- also called child or subpages -- to either a flat HTML page or a landing page that already has child pages on it. To do so, click the New Page link at the top right of your flexible content page. A form will load with three fields:

Title The title is the text that is your link -- what users will click on to reach the subpage. It is a required field, so you must enter something here.

Leadin This is the caption, the text just under the link title that explains a bit more about the information the link title points to. Note how this is an FCKEditor box, so you may format it however you like, using the formatting buttons along the top.

Content Enter the content users will find on the subpage after clicking the link title. This is also an FCKEditor box, so may be formatted.

Click Submit. You'll be returned to your main flexible content page where you can check that your new subpages have been added.

In addition to linked child pages, you can also create "expandable" pages, which allow users to click on a title to reveal the content of the child page.

To enable this functionality, click the Settings link at the top right of your flexible content page. Once in Settings, in the Landing Page section, check all options except "Display leadins on home page" and make sure that in the Navigation section "Display right navigation column." is unchecked. An example of these settings is reproduced below.

Example Child Page Settings

Once the proper items are selected, click Submit and you'll be returned to the flexible content page with expandable child pages enabled.

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How to Modify Landing Page Settings

First, make sure you are logged in as an admin so you see the Settingscog button at the top right of the page. Click that button. A page loads with the following set of fields:


Page Title Type the page title you want for this page -- or modify what is there if you wish.

Navigation Text Type what you want to appear in the navigation tool bar that runs across the top of your site. In the above screen shot example, the text here is "Government Attorneys".

Landing Page
Check the Display the list of postings box if you want subpage -- aka child page -- links to show in the main column of the landing page. If left unchecked, any subpage links will be listed in a column at the top right of the landing page.

Check the Display leadins box if you want captions for the subpage links to appear on the main landing page. Otherwise, your captions will not display.

Child Pages
Check the Display right navigation box to post the subpage link column to the right side of each child page as well as on the main landing page.

  • NOTE: This checkbox will only work if you've also opted to display your subpage links to the right rather than down the center.

Check either of the two boxes in this section if you want to display to the user the date you create subpage content as well as the date you modify it.

Child Page Order
Show most recent at the top of the list Check this box if you want your subpage links to automatically post at the top of the landing page whenever you create them.

Items This box contains the titles of all your sub or child pages. To reorder any one of these pages, select the page with your cursor and use the up and down arrows below the box to move it accordingly.

Click Submit. You'll be returned to your main content page where you may check to see that your changes have taken. Note: there are no Awaiting Approval or other Status settings to change: your changes and additions appear on the live site immediately.

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How to Modify Flat HTML Page Content

Once Pro Bono Net staff has created a new flexible page, you should see it either in your admin inbox or in your site navigation. To add or modify its main content, follow these steps:
1. Click the Editbutton below the page title to open its FCKEditor tool. Add or change text as you like.

2. Click Save. You will return to your main page where you can check that your changes have posted.

  • TIP: To edit a flat page's title, or the name it uses in the tool bar, click the Settingscog button at the top right of the page. As explained above, the first two fields allow you to modify these features.

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Updating or Deleting an Flexible Content Page Item

To edit existing child pages, go to your main content page and find the link you wish to edit.
Update Click the Editbutton beside the link title and the same screen you used to create the child page will appear with the fields described above already filled in. Make the desired changes to the text in any of the fields, and click Submit at the bottom of the screen to post to the live site.

Delete Click on the Deletebutton next to the item. You will only be asked once if you are sure you want to delete the child page, so be sure. There is no way to retrieve a deleted child page after you confirm that you want to go ahead.

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Two Useful Flexible Content Page Tips

1) You have the option of including a flexible content page in your site's tool navigation or suppressing the title in the tool navigation and linking to it from elsewhere on the site. With the example of the Government Attorneys page above, you could leave the Navigation Text field blank, enter full information into the body and click Save. Then on another page, such as Help, you could insert a hyperlink to the Government Attorneys page in the subpage's FCKEditor content field, or the flat HTML page's FCKEditor box. Pro Bono Net can also place a flexible content page in your admin inbox to make it "hidden" to users, but you can link to it from other pages on your site.

2) Moving an About/Help Page Item up or down: After you post a new child page, you may rearrange the order the link appears in by clicking the Settingscog button and scrolling down to the Child Page Order section. Select the child page you wish to move and use the up and down arrows below the box to move accordingly.

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