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The Consortium is a coalition of 35 member organizations, all of which provide direct legal services to DC residents. 

Many of the Consortium's 35 member organizations have robust pro bono programs. Your help is greatly needed. Please browse a "virtual pro bono fair" of some of the organizations and a complete directory of pro bono opportunities to find an organization that best matches your personal interests and professional goals.

Consortium members meet on a monthly basis, with leadership committees and work and affinity groups convening separately throughout the year. Consortium meetings and activities are generally open to all individuals who work in the legal services community or who are interested in issues impacting low-income clients. Individuals from a broad spectrum of public interest organizations, local law schools, private law firms, and DC Bar entities are active in the Consortium.



The DC Consortium meets virtually on the third Thursday of every month starting at 9:30 am and our meetings are always open to anyone interested in attending. If you want to attend any meetings you will need the link to join the zoom call. Please send an email to consortiumcoordinator@gmail.com.



May 8, 2023


Supports Shaun Snyder for President-Elect

The D.C. Consortium of Legal Services Providers recently voted on which candidates to endorse to serve as officers of the DC Bar and to represent the District in the ABA House of Delegates. To be considered for the Consortium's endorsement, candidates were invited to submit answers to a brief questionnaire that was fielded by the Washington Council of Lawyers.

After careful consideration of the submitted materials, as well as presentations by the candidates for President-Elect during last week's Consortium meeting, the members voted on which candidates to endorse based on each individual's demonstrated commitment to, and vision for, increasing access to justice for DC residents living with low incomes.

For President-Elect, the Consortium endorses Shaun Snyder. As stated in the attached press release, the Consortium notes that the decision of whom to endorse for President-Elect this year was very difficult, as both candidates exhibited a long history of and commitment to pro bono work and addressing the justice gap.

In addition to endorsing Mr. Snyder for President-Elect, the DC Consortium is pleased to announce its endorsement of the following candidates for DC Bar officers and ABA Delegates.


  • Kevin Minsky

Board of Governors: 

  • Shayan Davoudi
  • Jason Gerson
  • Hardeep Grover
  • Natalie Koss
  • Courtney Weiner

ABA House of Delegates:

  • D Jean Veta

ABA House of Delegates Under-36 Seat:

  • Josephine Bahn

For further information on the Consortium's endorsements, please contact the Consortium
Coordinator at ConsortiumCoordinator@gmail.com.


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  • Every year, the DC Fair Budget Coalition evaluates the DC Council's proposed budget for the coming year with a focus on the needs of our community's most vulnerable citizens.