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The Consortium is a coalition of 34 member organizations, all of which provide direct legal services to low-income DC residents. The Consortium's mission is to coordinate the delivery, expand the availability and improve the quality of legal services and advocacy for poor and disadvantaged people and groups of people in the District of Columbia.

Many of the Consortium's 37 member organizations have robust pro bono programs. Your help is greatly needed. Please browse a "virtual pro bono fair" of some of the organizations and a complete directory of pro bono opportunities to find an organization that best matches your personal interests and professional goals.

Consortium members meet on a monthly basis, with leadership committees and work and affinity groups convening separately throughout the year. Consortium meetings and activities are generally open to all individuals who work in the legal services community or who are interested in issues impacting low-income clients. Individuals from a broad spectrum of public interest organizations, local law schools, private law firms, and DC Bar entities are active in the Consortium.

General meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, at Venable LLP, 600 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. The list of remaining monthly meetings for the coming year is as follows:

Wednesday, February 19
Wednesday, March 18
Wednesday, April 15
Wednesday, May 20
Wednesday, June 17
Tuesday, July 14
August - No meeting
Wednesday, September 16
Wednesday, October 14
Wednesday, November 18
Wednesday, December 16 (Annual holiday service gathering)




April 29, 2019


Supports Charles C. Lemley for President-Elect

The D.C. Consortium of Legal Services Providers is pleased to announce its endorsement of candidates for D.C. Bar office. The Consortium is a coalition of 34 organizations that provide civil legal services to low-income people, or people in other disadvantaged groups, living in the District of Columbia. Its principal criterion for endorsement is the extent to which a candidate has a demonstrated commitment to, and a vision for, increasing access to justice for low-income and disadvantaged people and groups of people in the District of Columbia.

In making its endorsements, the Consortium considered material supplied by the candidates, including the candidates' resumes and responses to a Consortium questionnaire. The endorsement for President-Elect was also based on the candidates’ oral presentations to the Consortium membership. Only those candidates who submitted an endorsement package to the Consortium could be considered for endorsement.

The Consortium endorses Charles C. Lemley for President-Elect. The Consortium is also confident that the following individuals will devote significant attention to increasing access to justice in the District of Columbia:

 Secretary:                        Garylene “Gage” D. Javier

 Treasurer:                         Hardeep Grover

 Board of Governors:        Jessica E. Adler
                                            Theodore A. Howard
                                             Su Sie Ju
                                             Paul S. Lee
                                             Amy E. Nelson

ABA House of Delegates:   Pauline A. Schneider
                                              D. Jean Veta

ABA House of Delegates under-36:  Josephine M. Bahn

For further information on the Consortium's endorsements, please contact the Consortium Coordinator, Holly Eaton, at ConsortiumCoordinator@gmail.com.



April 4, 2016 - Today the D.C. Consortium of Legal Services Providers released the findings of its "Community Listening Project," a nearly three-and-a-half year study of the multiple difficulties faced by D.C.'s poorest residents in an effort to understand and better serve our client community. 

Press Release

Executive Summary

Full Report

4.4.16 Washington Post article

4.6.16 Washington Post Op-Ed


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  • Every year, the DC Fair Budget Coalition evaluates the DC Council's proposed budget for the coming year with a focus on the needs of our community's most vulnerable citizens. Their recommendations to the Council are published in an annual report, the most recent version of which is available here.



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