A recent study by the District of Columbia Superior Court reported that 95 percent of tenants in Landlord-Tenant court are unrepresented. Most cannot afford representation, making the need for volunteer legal assistance all the more pressing. The Housing Practice Area provides resources and support for pro bono attorneys, legal services attorneys and law students in advising and representing District of Columbia residents with housing problems, including landlord-tenant, subsidized housing, and homelessness issues.

This area is hosted by Rising for Justice and Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless with the generous support and assistance of Hogan Lovells.

What you will find here:

Our Library* contains practice and procedure materials, form pleadings and unpublished opinions designed to assist practitioners in representing people with housing problems. Our News section compiles information about developments in case law and issues concerning housing in the District of Columbia.

*The D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center is pleased to announce that its Landlord Tenant Practice in D.C. training is now available in the library under training materials. This training was filmed in March 2020 and provides an overview of landlord tenant court, rent control, other forums for LT issues, public and subsidized housing, settlements, and post judgement issues.

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Our Library contains sample forms, training manuals, and other materials to assist you when you take a pro bono case.

Updated Property Maintenance Code Now Online

The District of Columbia Property Maintenance Code is now available online.  This code takes precedence over conflicting housing code regulations contained in Title 14 of the D.C. Municipal Regulations.  Review it here.

Did you know?

D.C. law now provides a procedure under which a receiver may be appointed "to safeguard the health, safety, and security of the tenants of a rental housing accommodation if there exists a violation of District of Columbia or federal law which seriously threatens the tenant's health, safety, or security." D.C. Code ? 42-3651. Go to D.C. Code.

Interested in Public or Subsidized Housing?

Check out HUD Legal Information, including ALJ Decisions and legal opinions.