The Consortium also hosts a number of list serves to help connect individuals across the city who are advocating on behalf of low-income individuals. To join the general Consortium list serve, send a blank email to You  can opt to receive a daily digest of listserv emails instead of receiving every message as it is posted. Send a blank email to  Digests are sent out once a day around midnight Eastern Time and include all messages from the previous day.



The D.C. Consortium of Legal Service Providers' ("Consortium") mission is to coordinate the delivery, expand the availability and improve the quality of legal services and advocacy for poor and disadvantaged people and groups of people in the District of Columbia. In furtherance of its mission, the Consortium maintains a listserv dedicated to the sharing of information, exchange of ideas, and posting of information beneficial to its coalition member organizations and members of the public who subscribe to the listserv. Participation in the Consortium listserv is a privilege and not a right. These rules are intended to improve the usefulness of the listserv for all subscribers. Therefore, each subscriber is expected to be familiar with these rules and to abide by them. By subscribing to and posting any information to the list serve, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

* All posts should be informative and in line with the mission of the Consortium. Information regarding organization and program news, DC and federal legislation, trainings, webinars, conferences, staff vacancies, and member organization fundraising events which promote and enhance delivery of legal and advocacy services to the poor are examples of appropriate posts. Posts should be respectful and not defamatory in nature. They should be specific and as brief as possible but include enough details to clearly show how the posted information is connected or related to our service community. Sensitive information, including personal and identifiable client information, should not be posted.

* The listserv is not the appropriate venue to advertise social events (e.g. holiday parties, advertisements, family celebrations, etc.), personal or self-promoting events, and aggrandizement. Posting of such items is a violation of these rules, and could lead to revocation of posting privileges. If you want to inform listserv subscribers of such events or programs, you should add that information to the DC Bar Pro Bono Calendar of weekly events.

* Because most Consortium members are 501(c)(3) organizations, listserv subscribers should not post any information advocating for or against the election of any candidate for public office, including but not limited to Presidential, Congressional, DC Mayoral and Council, and Maryland and Virginia state, county and city elections.

* The listserv is open to the public. In addition to legal services providers, the listserv has hundreds of members from the legal community, including law firm attorneys who do pro bono work, social services program staff, judges and court staff, and DC and federal government attorneys. As such your post will be received by many busy people. Think about whether your post will be of value to the group generally, or whether it is best to send an email directly to an individual.
* Do not over-post the same information and clog email in-boxes with repetitive information. When members unsubscribe because listserv volume is too high, we risk losing people who can share and offer valuable insights on issues that affect Consortium members' client populations.

* The opinions and information expressed on the listserv are solely those of the posters alone. Subscribers acknowledge that posts on the Consortium's listserv are not legal advice or opinions (even if the poster is an attorney), and they are not a substitute for consulting one's own professional counsel or attorney about one's situation or case.

* Individual posters are solely responsible for the information contained in their posts. The Consortium is not responsible or liable for the content or distribution of any posts, or for the actions of any subscribers, including actions that may violate listserv rules, or the damages or consequences that may result from any posts or subscriber actions. Posters agree that they, not the Consortium, are solely and completely responsible for their posts. This includes liability for defamation or other violations of law.

* Complaints about adherence with listserv rules should be sent to the Consortium Coordinator at, and should include a copy of the message in question specifically describing the reason for the complaint. Following receipt of a complaint, the Consortium Co-Chairs will determine whether a violation has occurred, and what action, if any is required. Actions may range from warnings, to suspension of posting privileges, to removal from the listserv. Any decisions to remove someone from the listserv will be made in consultation with the Consortium Steering Committee.