LiveHelp (online chat providing information & resources)

Be A LiveHelp Volunteer

LiveHelp is an online chat service, assisting web site visitors in finding appropriate information and self-help resources on Legal Aid's information web site.

Volunteers take a weekly 2-hour shift. You can login and take your shift from any desktop or laptop computer. You can be engaged in other activities on your desktop, but need to respond as soon as a visitor requests a chat session.

Volunteer Profile:
Able to download software to a desktop or laptop to respond to the public seeking information or help with online forms from Legal Aid's web site.
Available to take a regular weekly two-hour shift or fill-in sporadically for open shifts.

Legal Aid provides free legal resources, information, self-help materials, forms, videos, and information about low-cost/no-cost legal service providers in Oklahoma through our portal web sites,, and



Can't find the legal information that you need? Use LiveHelp 
LiveHelp volunteers are available to help locate information, resources and referrals from Legal Aid's online resources.

Legal Aid utilizes law student and lawyer volunteers to respond to online chat requests for assistance finding information and referrals from web site visitors about legal problems.

Web site visitors "chat" online with a Navigator.  The navigator assists the web site visitor by locating information and resources online at our web sites,, and

Sign up to be a LiveHelp Volunteer:
  ~ Fill out this online form
  ~ Contact Eric Nickel -

Who may use LiveHelp?
Anyone visiting our websites! Simply click on the chat bubble at the bottom of the page. There may not be someone available, but the chat will provide you with instructions and information.
When is LiveHelp available?
LiveHelp is available Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Central) when there is a Navigator available to chat. 

Legal Information Service Policy navigators can help you find information about the law and legal rights. The navigators can't give you any legal advice or tell you what to do.
Do not tell the navigator anything confidential. You don't have an attorney-client relationship with an navigator.
Anyone can use LiveHelp to find information.