Self-Referral of Cases

You may already be working with a low-income client.

Did you know you can 'self-refer' a client to Legal Aid and keep the case pro bono?
This will earn you the many benefits of pro bono with Legal Aid AND you pick the client.

A self-referred case is just what it sounds like, a case you have (or want to) accepted for pro bono representation that did not originate from Legal Aid.
Self-referral of cases is the best way to provide legal services to the truly needy. The client has the advocate of choice without waiting for a referral. Self-referrals are also beneficial to Legal Aid because private attorney involvement is very important to our funding sources.

Pro Bono Self-Referral Benefits

  • Professional Liability Insurance coverage on Legal Aid referred cases;
  • Free membership on our new advocate website at;
  • Legal materials and forms available on;
  • Legal Aid staff attorneys available for consultation;
  • Assistance with litigation costs (must be pre-approved);
  • Fifty-percent discount on many OBA CLE's for 20 hours or more of pro bono service completed during a twelve-month period;
  • Free Legal Aid seminars; and,
  • Interview rooms available for meetings with the client.

How does it work?

  • Call for an eligibility screening;
  • A pro bono file will be established;
  • Client will sign a referral agreement

Legal Aid will monitor, provide other support services as usual.

Have an open case you would like to self-refer?
Please email Cindy Goble, Director of Pro Bono Services

While cases are ongoing, we may ask for status updates from time to time.
If you have case activity or case closure you wish to report, you may use the case status/closing report.
Once a case is closed, you will receive a letter documenting your hours of pro bono representation, which may be presented to the OBA for any applicable discounts.