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Rebecca E. Algie, Seward & Kissel LLP

Rebecca E. Algie, Seward & Kissel LLP


Her Justice engages the talent and resources of New York City’s law firms, bringing together committed lawyers and determined women to secure life-changing results.   What makes Her Justice unique is that it is based on a “pro bono first” model.  Her Justice specializes in offering pro bono assistance—connecting volunteer lawyers from premier law firms in New York City with low-income women. Her Justice brings the power of the legal profession to those who need it most, giving low-income women, many of whom are victims of domestic violence, and their children a real chance to obtain the legal protections they need to overcome poverty and abuse.


Her Justice is proud to recognize the outstanding pro bono work of Rebecca E. Algie, Esq., a litigation associate at Seward & Kissel LLP.  Ms. Algie is a 2011 graduate of Boston University School of Law. She first volunteered on a case referred by Her Justice in the summer of 2010, while she was a summer associate at Seward. Since then, she has continued to work on litigated cases and she remains a dedicated and highly effective advocate for Her Justice clients. Litigated cases, especially litigated divorces, always present a challenge in recruiting pro bono attorneys, yet Ms. Algie continues to rise to the challenge, not daunted by challenging material facts or the potential of prolonged time commitment.

The following case illustrates the outstanding work and dedication shown by Ms. Algie to Her Justice clients:

            Rebecca E. Algie, Esq.

"Litigated cases, especially litigated divorces, always present a challenge in recruiting pro bono attorneys, yet Ms. Algie continues to rise to the challenge, not daunted by challenging material facts or the potential of prolonged time commitment."

Ms. Algie served as the main attorney on a litigated divorce case working under the supervision of a senior attorney at the firm. The client was a mother of four children; the youngest two were from her then- husband. The parties’ youngest daughter has several medical conditions which required open heart surgeries. The child needs a wheelchair whenever she is being transported long distances; she also needs regular feeding tubes and is severely developmentally delayed. The marital residence was a single family home in Staten Island, New York which was on the brink of foreclosure proceedings. Ms. Algie fought relentlessly to secure a favorable financial and custodial settlement for the client; particularly given her concern of the father’s being able to meet the child’s special needs during parenting time.  The client obtained primary residential custody with terms that both allowed the father time with the youngest daughter while protecting her special needs. The client received exclusive occupancy of the marital residence, with the protection of shared liabilities and the client retaining 100% of any sale proceeds should a foreclosure sale occur. In addition to child support, the client received spousal maintenance for eight years, thereby carrying her into retirement at 65 years of age. Ms. Algie’s zealous advocacy on behalf of this client ensured her long term economic security and the right to safely remain in her home.

Ms. Algie’s commitment to providing women with access to justice is evident in her continued representation of Her Justice clients on litigated cases and in her strongly encouraging other associates to take these challenging cases as well. At a recent Her Justice litigated divorce training, Ms. Algie elaborated on the skills she has learned from Her Justice volunteer cases including oral argument, motion practice and negotiations – learning opportunities that only come much later to young associates in large firms. She also spoke of the personal satisfaction of helping women with difficult legal cases in such vulnerable and critical aspects of their lives

We are honored to work with Ms. Algie and thank her for her tireless advocacy and effort on behalf of our clients and her commitment to the mission of Her Justice.



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