Pro Bono Net Celebrates Pro Bono Volunteers!

Pro Bono Net would like to recognize the thousands of volunteer lawyers who make a huge difference for those in need and the incredibly important work of pro bono volunteers in building our capacity to meet the vast unmet need for civil legal services.  National Pro Bono Week is a co-ordinated national effort by the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service, and is an exciting time of the year where we recognize the hard work of our volunteers, and the critical roles they play in helping bridge the justice gap, and live up to our professional ideal of "justice for all".


Since this year is Pro Bono Net's 20th Anniversary, we are celebrating National Pro Bono Week with a look back at some of our favorite features over the last few years. Throughout the week we will be sharing previous pro bono week and volunteer features that highlight of the work being done to help people facing legal challenges around the country. We are very proud to showcase this work and hope that it will inspire more people to get involved.

To see the volunteer features and more content related to Pro Bono Net's 20th Anniversary of transforming access to justice, visit our social media.



Enjoy reading our volunteer profiles? Want to learn more? Check out our Featured Volunteers and previous Pro Bono Week Initiatives. 

Pro Bono Net's Featured Volunteers

Each quarter Pro Bono Net showcases pro bono work by volunteers and organizations though our Featured Volunteers profiles.  These profiles are submitted to us by our legal services and pro bono community partners, across our statewide, regional and international site networks. To learn more about our previous volunteer profiles visit our Featured Volunteers page!

Pro Bono Week 2018

In 2018 we celebrated National Pro Bono Week by focusing on disaster resiliency in addition to pro bono work around the country. Throughout the week we shared events, resources and highlights of the work being done to help people facing legal challenges post disaster.


Once again we wish to thank all of the volunteers that continue to make our mission of increasing access to justice a reality.


Interested in volunteering?  Check out our "Volunteer Tools" page to learn about the range of resources we have at Pro Bono Net to help mobilize and engage pro bono volunteers, or start searching for opportunities right now by using our national Pro Bono Opportunities Guide!