Each year, more than 55 million Americans experience a civil legal issue impacting their safety, family, home, or livelihood. Three in five people – and 92% of low-income individuals – are unable to afford or access the legal help they need.


Who We Serve



Our programs make justice more attainable and equitable for:

>Families living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to remain housed
>Domestic violence survivors seeking protection from an abuser
>Low-wage workers facing medical, car or student loan debt
>Immigrant families trying to understand their rights in a complex, fragmented and shifting legal system
>Seniors on fixed incomes trying to resolve destabilizing financial issues after the loss of a loved one
>Parents navigating high-stakes child custody and support issues on their own.
>Transgender individuals seeking a name or gender marker change to conform with their gender identity
>Victims of crime such as identity theft or elder abuse
>Undocumented workers fighting back against wage theft
>Veterans unjustly denied essential healthcare and benefits
>Survivors of wildfires, hurricanes, floods and other climate-driven emergencies