Administering Your Site


The text in the header, footer, left and right hand columns are easy to update through the front end, by simply logging into your site, clicking on the edit button and editing the content in the editor that appears. You will see any changes you make as soon as you save and exit the editor.

Content Page Widgets

The middle column has space for two content page widgets. On the front end you can change the name of the widget and the number of resources that display. To change anything else, you must log into your admin view and go to the content page that the widget pulls from.

The content page widget for the mini portal page works the same as other content page widgets for other parts of your site. For information on how content pages and their widgets work, visit our Quick Guide on Content Pages.

One of the best practices suggested by Kristin Verrill at Atlanta Legal Aid Society in her Tips Sheet is to set up a tag for each content widget and tag the materials you would like the widget to pull in. You can find more information about tagging here.

If you have multiple tags pulling into the same widget, you may want to star rank the tags themselves, so that materials with certain tags appear before materials with other tags. For more information about star ranking your content, check out our blog on Star Rankings.