What is a mini portal and why should I have one?

In 2012 Pro Bono Net released a new feature for LH3, the mini-portal. A mini portal page is a one page site with links to pages on your LawHelp site (and/or other sites) and with resources dynamically pulled from your site. This feature allows partners to highlight content tailored to a specific audience, issue or location, for example:

Information for users of a court self-help center.

Key self-help and referral resources for a particular county, for example in a disaster relief scenario.

Resources for a specific population, such as military members and veterans, domestic violence survivors or folks living with HIV or AIDS.

Mini-portals can also be used as a staging page for LawHelp Interactive forms, in which related instructions, FAQs and other materials can be presented alongside links to self-help forms or interviews. Mini-portals support multi-media content, content widgets, as well as links to pages on your statewide website or other webpages. This feature was made possible through a TIG to Atlanta Legal Aid Society. You can view three mini-portal sites created by GeorgiaLegalAid.org, they include:

To Get Started

Once you have read through the entire toolkit, please complete the online request form.  Please be aware, we cannot accept mini portal set up requests in any other media.  Please use this formIf you have any difficulties with this form, please contact support@lawhelp.org