Online Now: Lawyers Alliance and Nonprofit/Community Development Law

An Introduction to Lawyers Alliance and a Substantive Training on Representing Nonprofits

This program featured Lawyers Alliance for New York and focused on business and transactional pro bono opportunities that help nonprofit organizations throughout the City. Participants learned how to find interesting pro bono projects from Lawyers Alliance as well as supporting resources such as model documents on In addition, Lawyers Alliance gave a substantive training related to Ethical Issues in Pro Bono Representation of Nonprofit Organizations. Topics included: What is different about representing a nonprofit organization? Who is the client? May you represent the organization at the same time as one of its directors, officers or employees? When may you represent multiple nonprofit organizations in the same transaction? May a pro bono attorney serve on the board of directors of the nonprofit client?

Find materials featured in this webinar in the Community Development/Nonprofit Library (members only) and NYC Pro Bono Center Library (members only):

- Recorded Webinar Now Online!
- Ethical Issues in Pro Bono Representation of Nonprofits Outline