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Winter 2021 Project Spotlight:
Legal Clinic for the Homeless
The City Bar Justice Center’s Legal Clinic for the Homeless (LCH) continues its work in supporting and providing critical legal services to families and individuals living in homeless shelters in New York City – a population that has been disproportionately impacted by lack of internet access and food, housing, and economic insecurity with the pandemic further exacerbating these issues. Find Out More.
The December Relief Bill: Supporting Small Businesses through the COVID Crisis
Lakou Cafe was one of five restaurants featured on The Tonight Show last Fall in celebration of National Small Business Week. Cassandre Davilmar's shop is a staple in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, offering Caribbean-inspired fare, curated art shows and community. In March 2020, this thriving, Black- and woman-owned small business employed nine Black employees. In April 2020, with sales down 60% and New York on PAUSE, Lakou Cafe shut its doors. Read more.