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Fall 2021 Volunteer Spotlight: Leah Keith
Inspired to act after the murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, recently retired attorney Leah Keith wanted to help in-need New Yorkers with legal representation. Leah was eager to use the knowledge she acquired as a former prosecutor who mostly handled  white collar crimes, to help the staff of  the Juvenile Rights Practice at The Legal Aid Society understand the thinking of “the other side”. Read more.
Fall 2021 Case Spotlight: The Legal Aid Society and Shearman & Sterling Secure Clemency for 60-Year-Old Client During Cuomo’s Final Days in Office
George Martinez was convicted of burglary in the Bronx in 2006 and was sentenced to serve a minimum of seventeen years to life in prison. Although no violence was actually alleged, because of the classification of the crime, Mr. Martinez was sentenced under New York State’s Persistent Violent Felony Offender statute.