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  • Video Helps Domestic Violence Victims — When Courts Have It, Aug 18
    Domestic violence survivor Kristen Faith wishes she'd had the opportunity to obtain a temporary restraining order by video — an option in some jurisdictions, but not others — from her abusive partner in 2011. See link for full article.
  • Why Lawyer Well-Being Can Impact Access To Justice, Aug 9
    Promoting mental health and well-being among public interest attorneys goes beyond creating healthy work environments and has a direct impact on the quality and availability of legal services accessible to low-income people, panelists said Friday at the A ...
  • Doing Good While Doing Law, Aug 1
    So many lawyers want to help -- let's talk about how. Lawyers, from all walks of life, have been the true backbone of the “resistance” to President Donald Trump and the atrocities he commits in America’s name. It’s lawyers who are filing the injunctions ...
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