About the Program

This free time-saving e-filing program allows participating domestic violence advocates, agencies and legal services providers to:

  • Complete court papers to request a Family Court temporary order of protection.
  • Save time at the courthouse by electronically sending the papers to the court; fast-tracking the case when the litigant appears for the hearing.
  • E-file in any Family Court even if your office is located in a different county.
  • Request a remote hearing to get a TOP without coming to court.

September 2021 Family Offense Petition Program Training - Click here for the recording. 

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Papers Prepared

The program easily guides you through questions and produces:

  • Family Offense Petition
  • Address Confidentiality Affidavit (if needed)
  • Affidavit in Support of Issuance of Family Court Temporary Order of Protection, for use in the local criminal court when the Family Court is closed (if needed).
  • Litigant instructions of what to do next. In addition to English, the advocate has the option to print bilingual instructions in Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic.
  • Request for a remote hearing