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New York State Passes Historic Pro-Tenant Rent Reforms (NY)

Friday, June 14, 2019

New York State Passes Historic Pro-Tenant Rent Reforms

"The New York State legislature passed on Friday “the strongest affordable housing and tenant protections legislation in state history,” which include the repeal of high-rent vacancy deregulation, “vacancy bonus” and “longevity bonus” provisions, as well as reforms regarding preferential rent and potential rent increases for major capital improvements.

“By closing deregulatory loopholes and adding critical protections from eviction for non-regulated tenants, we are acting to empower working families and the most vulnerable renters to stay in their homes and live without the constant fear of displacement,” said Bushwick Senator Julia Salazar of the 18th District.

The Democratic-run State Senate passed “The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019” by 36-26 vote Friday afternoon, followed by the Democratic-led State Assembly that issued a decisive 95-42 vote.

With the current rent laws due to expire Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo rushed to sign the legislation into law moments after it was passed in both chambers to avoid “the chaos and uncertainty that a lapse in these protections would have caused for millions of New Yorkers.”

“I’m confident the measure passed today is the strongest possible set of reforms that the legislature was able to pass and are a major step forward for tenants across New York,” said Cuomo.

The reforms come after months of deliberation and a series of hearings across New York State on rent regulation and tenant protections, including one in Crown Heights last month, to give tenants, property owners and stakeholders an opportunity to weigh in on how the final legislation should serve New Yorkers..."

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