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Getting Homeless Seniors Back on Their Feet (OK)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Getting Homeless Seniors Back on Their Feet

"Oklahoma City, OK — "We're here to help you and we're going to see to it that you're on your feet again, Aline Fey said. "And they did that very thing."

Aline Fey remembers the first words she heard when she walked through the doors of the Emergency Senior Shelter at Sunbeam Family Services.

"I was an automatic 'Oh, it's okay. I'm going to be alright," and I'm so thankful for that," Fey said.

This veteran of the Air force found herself homeless and facing health issues.

"I was in a bad state. Actually I was suicidal," she said.

Fey came to Sunbeam with nothing.

"They provided clothes for me because I didn't have anything but what I had on my back."

Sunbeam immediately got to work with case workers, counselors, and free legal aid. An entire team worked together to help Fey get back on her feet.

"When you're trying to put your life together in a 30 day period, this program that they have going on is beautiful," she said.

"In helping her get her housing, she's able to continue her mission of helping other people with her story," said Jessica Welp, the Sunbeam Senior Shelter Administrator..."

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