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Off Campus Student association Hosts Presentation About Tenants Rights

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Off Campus Student Association Hosts Presentation About Tenants Rights

"For students living in off-campus housing, unnecessary fees such as pest control could be illegal.

The Off Campus Student Association hosted a presentation Tuesday in the Sequoyah Room of the Student to inform students renting off-campus housing of their rights as tenants.

About 95 percent of the tenants in the Reserve on Perkins are students, representative Jesse Buzzard said.

The presentation also informed students of their legal entitlements to hold their landlords accountable and avoid unnecessary charges.

The legality behind pest control was another topic of discussion during the speech.

The Reserve apartment complex doesn't charge an additional fee to tenants for pest control, Buzzard said.

Buzzard said he knows that another apartment complex in Stillwater, with whom he was previously employed, does charge those fees.

However, the act of charging an extra payment for pest control may not be legal..."

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