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LexisNexis Honors Retiring Advisory Board Members with Donation to Pro Bono Net

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

  • Pro Bono Net

LexisNexis has made a generous contribution to Pro Bono Net to honor five members of the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Advisory Board who retired this fall after serving for more than 15 years.

Martha Barnett, Benjamin R. Civiletti, Ralph I. Lancaster, Jr., William G. Paul and Wm. Reece Smith, Jr. were all founding members of the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Advisory Board, having served since 1991. The Legal Advisory Board's mission is to ensure that LexisNexis and Martindale-Hubbell are responsive to the constantly changing needs of the legal profession. In response to these needs, the Board entertains new strategies and concepts developed by the company, and provides impartial and candid points of view. Lawyers are selected from the private, corporate, academic and international sectors of the profession to serve on the Board.

LexisNexis donated $1,500 to Pro Bono Net in the name of each retiring Board member, for a total of $7,500. A presentation to these Board members was made as part of the company's annual meeting in Tampa, Florida on September 13.

LexisNexis is a corporate sponsor of Pro Bono Net. The sponsorship is part of a broader LexisNexis corporate social responsibility initiative that includes a commitment to provide access to justice to the poor and disadvantaged through pro bono work.