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NCBA's Statewide Service Day 3-6-9 (March 6, 2009)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[Article from "North Carolina Lawyer" (a publication of the NC Bar Association)]

Remembering the date for the North Carolina Bar Association's second annual 4ALL Service Day is a simple matter of search and replace.

4-4 is out; 3-6-9 is in.

Got it?

Whereas 4-4 was the catch phrase for last year's enormously successful statewide ask-a-lawyer event, this year's rallying cry is 3-6-9, which translates into March 6, 2009.

[Click here for Online Volunteer Registration on the NCBA website.]

Like last year, the event will transpire on a Friday, and like last year, TV partners in Greensboro (WFMY), Charlotte (WBT) and Asheville (WLOS) greeted the 4ALL Task Force with open arms. All three stations readily agreed to host NCBA volunteers for this daylong event in 2009.

There's an important newcomer as well, WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh. Of course, the involvement of WRAL is nothing new to the NCBA, which has staffed numerous section-specific public service call-in programs at the station in recent years.

Additional requests are also under consideration; stay tuned for further developments via e-bar and your NCBA Web site as the final details round into place under the watchful eye of 4ALL Task Force chairs Rebecca Britton, Dayton Cole and Kim Sieredzki.

The 4ALL Task Force has been extremely active. The Educate Working Group will hold a training program on Jan. 12 for speakers who will then spread the word about 4ALL and the statewide service day to local bars and law firms. The training session will also be videotaped for distribution to local bars and placement on the NCBA Web site.

The Legislate Working Group, meanwhile, has been meeting regularly in advance of the upcoming legislative session while working closely with the Legislative Committee of the N.C. Equal Access to Justice Commission.

The ask-a-lawyer call-in process will generally follow last year's format.

Citizens seeking free legal information will dial directly into the respective call centers, most if not all of which will be TV stations which are superbly equipped to publicize the event. Volunteers will answer the calls but will not give their names; no attorney-client relationship will be established during the call or thereafter.

Another similar aspect of this year's 4ALL Service Day, according to 4ALL Task Force staff liaison Michelle Cofield, director of public service and pro bono activities, is that it will once again be "all hands on deck."

"We will ask law firms, local and statewide bars, individual attorneys and providers of legal services to sign up for specific shifts, and we will also ask them to recruit volunteers," Cofield said. "Recruiting information is available online for all constituents, and training materials are being updated for posting online by Jan. 21."

Until then, NCBA members are encouraged to mark this date on their calendars and save it - Friday, March 6, 2009, or simply 3-6-9.
Got it!

[Click here for Online Volunteer Registration for NCBA's second annual 4ALL Service Day ("3-6-9"). ]

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