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With funding from the Legal Services Corporation, (LSC), Pro Bono Net (PBN) and Ohio State Legal Services (OSLSA) offer online form developer training each year.  The next online training to learn how to create online forms powered by LHI is planned the Fall of 2020,. The LHI training will start on Wednesday September 16, 2020 and will happen every Wednesday through November 4, 2020. The course will last 8 weeks.

The groups providing the training include Capstone Practice SystemsCenter for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), and PBN's LawHelp Interactive (LHI) staff

Course Overview


This  beginner's training covers how to use HotDocs and A2J Author 6.0 to create basic online forms powered by LawHelp Interactive including the DAT feature of A2J Author.  Participants will be asked to view pre-recorded video lessons, be given excercises to complete, and then invited to come to a class to discuss the homework and share what has learned from the lesson and ask questions.  You will learn the core skills you need to create a simple form. We will use a divorce form as the example and for homework.

A sample training agenda from the beginner's 2018 online training series can be found here (requires password).

Registration and Logistics

The registration is now closed.

We  will post the agenda and detailed information after 9/7/2020. That information will include the lessons to watch before the class, the homework assignments and the information on what to prepare to discuss in each meeting. Students will be expected to lead the homework discussion during meeting days. 

The next training will be held in the Spring of 2020. Outreach will be shared through the lists beforehand. You can watch the 2019 series if you want to see what to expect for the 2020 remote series. To complete the series on your own you will need between 25-30 hours, with about 4 to 6 hours on average per week including watching the training videos and doing the homework. 

Registration will close 2 days before training This is to make sure everyone gets to install the software they need to participate in the course. After we close the training email us. You will not be registered until someone from Pro Bono Net confirms your registration via email, usually 3 working days from when you submit it.

For the LHI training, legal nonprofits and their partners can register for free and there are no limits on attendees. If your program wants to bring a team to do this as a cohort we welcome you. Courts or other groups interested in joining the training should contact us at or Please fill out the form if you want to reserve your seat. 

After registration, you will receive an email from Pro Bono Net staff that confirms you are enrolled in the training. The email will contain important instructions on what you need to complete before the first class. Part of those instructions installing the software that you will need to follow the class. There will be little or no time in class to help with set up. We expect everyone to come with the necessary tools installed the first day of the class.  

Once your registration is confirmed, you will need to do the following in this suggested order. The sooner you start the better.

  1. Obtain a copy of HotDocs (HD) Developer from the HotDocs Corporation (Version 11) and make sure you have it installed in the computer you will use to create your forms. To see if you qualify for a discount, please sign up here.
  2. Register for A2J Author 6.0 by visiting and signing up (You'll get an email with further instructions once you have been authenticated).
  3. Enroll as a 'Developer' in LawHelp Interactive here (Sign up, choose 'Developer' as your account type, be sure you pick your organization, developer group, and state). If your organization is not listed in LHI, please email us and we will add it. 
  4. Download a copy of the Montana Petition for Divorce from here (This is a document we will automate as a group during the training).
  5. Download a copy of New York Consumer Debt Answer Form from here (This is a second document we will automate during the training).7Join the document assembly listservs and this LHI Resource Center
  6. Please register with A2J Author You will receive an email once you are registered. You will need this for the A2J Author  6 lessons.

We appreciate your interest in our training! For questions about the training, please contact Claudia Johnson, or Mirenda Meghelli at


Last updated  9/15/2020

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