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With funding from the Legal Services Corporation, (LSC), Pro Bono Net (PBN) and Ohio State Legal Services (OSLSA) offer online form developer training each year. In January 2019, an in-person training will be offered in New Orleans, in coordination with the LSC's Innovations in Technology Conference. This fall's training is online and will be offered from August 28 to October 16, 2018. 

The trainers include Capstone Practice Systems,  Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI), and PBN's LawHelp Interactive (LHI) staff

Course Overview

The beginner training covers how to use HotDocs and A2J Author 6.0 to create basic online forms. You will learn the core skills you need to create a simple form. We will use a divorce form as the example and for homework.

The beginner's online course is 8 sessions long. Students will watch videos with pre-recorded sessions before each class, and then during calls, they will work with an instructor and other students on the areas of the lesson that need more in-person support or review. After each lesson, homework will be assigned for the next week, and student volunteers will be solicited to lead the conversation in the weekly call.

The training covers some project planning and management guidance, but the focus is on the basic skills a developer needs to get started creating online forms powered by LawHelp Interactive. We encourage you to connect with LHI staff to learn more about form project planning, management, and best practices.

We estimate that every week students will need at least 3 hours to watch the videos and do the homework exercises on their own. That means a  minimum total of 25 hours should be set aside to complete the course during the 8 -week period.

A sample training agenda from the 2016 training is available here:

Registration and Logistics

Registration for the fall online training is now closed. Check back here for details on registering for the January in-person training, which will open shortly. The staff of legal non-profits and LSC-funded groups attend the training for free. Courts or other groups interested in joining the training should contact us if they are interested in joining the training.

After registration, you will receive an email from Pro Bono Net staff that confirms you are enrolled in the training.

The materials, including videos to review before each lesson and homework will be posted here 1 week before the training start (needs password).

Once your registration is confirmed, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enroll as a 'Developer' in LawHelp Interactive here (Sign up, choose 'Developer' as your account type, be sure you pick your organization, developer group, and state)
  2. Download a copy of the Montana Petition for Divorce from here (This is a document we will automate as a group during the training).
  3. Download a copy of New York Consumer Debt Answer Form from here (This is a second document we will automate during the training).
  4. Register for A2J Author 6.0 by visiting and signing up (You'll get an email with further instructions once you have been authenticated).
  5. Obtain a copy of HotDocs (HD) Developer from the HotDocs Corporation (Version 11) and make sure you have it installed in the computer you will use to create your forms. To see if you qualify for a discount, please contact Scott Myers at 801-615-2201 or
  6. Join the document assembly listservs and this LHI Resource Center

We appreciate your interest in our training! For questions about the training, please contact Claudia Johnson, or Mirenda Meghelli at

Last updated 9/4/2018

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