How to Use This Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to enhance participation in National Celebration of Pro Bono Week. It offers:

  • Pro Bono Celebration event ideas
  • Social Media Toolkit for the 2023 National Celebration of Pro Bono 
  • Useful resources: sample press releases, proclamations, planning tools, and more
  • Public relations strategies
  • Planning Tips

    All of these are designed to help in organizing, developing, and implementing a celebration plan reflecting needs and resources of each local area. Read through the toolkit for fresh ideas and tips on successful planning. Refer to the publicity section for strategies to help make the most of public relations opportunities.

    Once you have planned events and confirmed details, please register and add or edit your event through the Events page.

    The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service is your resource for assistance. We are pleased to provide you with the services of our celebration consultant at no cost to you. For these services and for all your planning needs, please contact us at