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Virtual Remote Pro Bono Legal Services Models: A Special National Pro Bono Celebration Webinar

This webinar will highlight examples of how virtual and remote legal services models are enabling new forms of pro bono participation and expanding the reach of services to underserved communities. Join us for this special pre-Pro Bono Celebration webinar to learn about new and emerging projects, and the staffing, technology and partnerships involved. We will also discuss resources and considerations for replication.

Cultural Competency and Legal Technology Webinar

As legal services technology tools evolve, taking into account the diverse populations these tools are created to serve is crucial to their overall impact and use. Taking into account the specific needs of vulnerable communities can ensure that these tools serve an entire client population. This workshop will focus on best practices in designing technology tools and content with sensitivity to issues surrounding gender identity and expression, racial and ethnic diversity, limited English proficiency, disability and 508 compliance as well as their intersectionality.

Process Mapping for Civil Legal Services

In a landscape of declining budgets and increasingly need, sometimes small innovations can have a big impact. Process improvement and workflow mapping are ways to identify existing inefficiencies or missed opportunities, and solve issues in innovative and holistic ways. From internal processes to service delivery to volunteer management, this webinar will highlight approaches and techniques to help identify, automate and simplify routine activities and reduce complexity. We will explore three examples from the community and hear an overview of how process mapping can improve organizational performance and outcomes.

Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools

Next Generation Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools: This webinar will focus on new approaches to the design and delivery of substantive practice resources and tools for advocates. Examples will include “expert” tools that aid legal decision-making and new training models.

In this video our presentors will focus on two projects, an Online Classroom and Olmsteadrights.org and answer a variety of questions.

Online Classroom is, for lack of a better term, an online classroom, that is dedicated to walking people through some complicated legal processes.
Olmsteadrights focuses on sharing stories and providing tools to people to help them become better advocates for those with disabilities.

50 Tech Tips for Getting you Started on Summer Projects

This recurring favorite features 50 tech tips for project management, collaboration, communication and more, including resources to help get you started on that summer project you've been putting off. We also include "homegrown" tools and resources developed by and for the legal aid community, and sources of nationally-relevant content and videos that programs have made available for community use.

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