Custom Resource Page

A custom resource page is a page that can be used to dynamically pull resources from your site to one page location. This means that if you have a custom resource page pulling in materials uploaded to the library, whatever you upload to specified library folders will be automatically pulled into the custom resource page.

If you decide to pull resources from the password protected library, the custom resource page can be used to surface the content in front of a password. If you would like a resource to appear on the custom resource page, make sure that you have set these resources in the library individually to no access restrictions.

How to Set-Up a Custom Resource Page

To set up a Custom Resource Page, you'll need to request a set-up from Pro Bono Net at You'll need to provide

  • Desired page name
  • Desired url slug
  • Where you would like the page to live (in the tool bar, in the admin section, etc.)

The rest of the page can be configured by you. You can do this through the Settings cog on the page, which you can see when signed in as an admin with the appropriate admin permissions. You will see the following sections on the Settings form:


  • Page Title - required field. Please note that if this is edited, the URL slug will not automatically update. You will need to contact PBN if you want to update the URL slug.
  • Navigation Text - navigation elements (Tool Bar, etc.) will display this text. Usually an abbreviated form of the Page Title.
  • Items shown per page - required field.
    • Display intro text on all listings pages - if this box is checked, the editable introduction text of the resources will display on all listings pages.
    • Show only public content - if this box is checked, only resources marked in a non-password protected library with "no viewing restrictions" will be shown.


Check boxes for:

  • Display organization name in the listings
  • Display created date on listing page, under the resource titles
  • Display description on listings page, under resource titles

Resource Filters

These are set to determine which resources are pulled in from your area library onto the page.

Filters are inclusive, which means that any resources matching all the filters will be included in the results. You can select more than one filter with Ctrl + right mouse click. You can determine filters for:

  • Document Types
  • Resource Types
  • Attachment Types
  • Folders

Topic Filters

This is set to determine which resources in your library with the specified topic selections will appear on your custom resource page.

Updating or Deleting Custom Resource Page Items

You can update custom resource page settings at any time by clicking on the cog symbol. If you would like to change data for resources appearing on the custom resource page, you will need to access the resource itself to make the appropriate edits or deletions.

To delete a custom resource page, you will need to contact staff to do this. Deleting the custom resource page will NOT delete the resources being pulled into it.