Child Support Proceedings in Family Court

  • Children's Rights

Speakers: JOHN F. FASONE, ESQ., Support Magistrate; PATRICK R. GARCIA, ESQ.; MICHAEL R. MILSAP, ESQ., Support Magistrate.

This program is $50 or FREE to those who agree to accept one pro bono referral from the VLP before 11/27/08. Experienced attorneys who provide pro bono services are eligible for one additional MCLE credit from the VLP for each six hours of volunteer service.

Topics to include: Sources of Law Governing Child Support Determinations (The Law Governing Child Support Determinations, Jurisdiction Over Child Support Matters, Support Magistrates, Who is Required to Pay Child Support, Who is Entitled to Collect Child Support, Duration of Child Support); Determining the Amount of Child Support (The Basic Child Support Obligation, Deviations from the Basic Child Support Obligation, Health Insurance, Child Support Settlement Agreements, The Needs of the Child); Modification of an Order of Support (General FCA Sec. 451, Standard of Proof); Violation/Enforcement of an Order of Support; UIFSA's Main Principles (Controlling Order, Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction)