More Than Words Toolkit: Translating Health Care Documents

Translation involves more than word-for-word replacement. Quality translations require active engagement of individuals and organizations requesting translated materials. This toolkit series clarifies the translation process and provides a road map to help health care organizations improve the quality of their translated materials to help ensure the delivery of safe, effective, and high-quality care.

This series provides seven distinct, hands-on tools, including:

Tool 1: Getting started with translations in health care (
Tool 2: Five steps to improve health care communication with limited English proficiency populations (
Tool 3: Developing the translation brief: Why and how (
Tool 4: Creating a translation brief for informed consent forms (
Tool 5: A practical guide to informed consent, with tools for providing simple and effective informed consent in everyday clinical practice (
Tool 6: Assessing translation quality: A manual for requesters (
Tool 7: The TQA (Translation Quality Assessment) tool (

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  • Health Care