The Family Court decides cases of divorce, custody, visitation, paternity and child support. If you need legal information in a family matter, links to useful resources are listed on the self representation page.on the DC Courts website. You may also call the Family Self Help Center at 202-879-0096 to speak to someone about your family court issue.

Please see the interactive interviews below to assist you in creating forms related to family cases.

For additional information on the filing process, please click here.

Please click here to complete a Confidential Information form. Once completed, you can attach it at the end of the online interactive interview that you are completing. Once you attach the Confidential Information form, it will be submitted with your completed online interactive interview forms.


Complaint for Custody and/or Visitation  

Motion to Modify Custody  

Motion for Temporary Custody and/or Visitation  

Answer to Complaint for Custody and/or Visitation  

Domestic Relations Motion  

General Opposition to Motion  

Complaint for Divorce  

Answer to Complaint for Divorce  

Motion To Modify Child Support  

Motion for Contempt of a Child Support Order  

Motion for Default Judgment  

CCAN Appointment of Counsel Eligibility Form  

Notice to Appear in Person for a Remote Hearing  

Motion to Appear Remotely for an In Person Hearing  

Form to Generate Reports for Advocates in Mental Health Cases