Poverty Law: Cases, Teaching, and Scholarship

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Poverty Law: Cases, Teaching, and Scholarship
Oct. 25-26, 2013 - Washington, D.C.
American University Washington College of Law

The three conference tracks:

Cases or Poverty Law Stories: The first track of the conference is dedicated to in-depth coverage of the most significant poverty law cases. We are looking for people interested in writing a chapter for a future poverty law book similar to the "law stories" series of books. We are going to contact publishers once we have a list of contributors. If you already have done or are interested in doing a chapter on a canonical case (or one you think should be in a poverty law canon), please submit a proposal in this track and contact the conference organizers.

Teaching: The second track of the conference is dedicated to fostering discussion of teaching poverty law or related courses. The last poverty law pedagogy conference took place five years ago and the field remains marked by an absence of common texts. This track will highlight recent efforts to help fill that gap and provide space to explore the nature of poverty law classes. Proposals for this track can be in the form of traditional articles, but less formal presentations are also welcome.

Scholarship: The third track of the conference follows the standard conference paper presentation format. We welcome papers at all stages of writing, from works-in-progress to more polished drafts. For junior faculty who are interested in such feedback, we are committed to getting senior faculty to read and comment on submitted papers. This track covers poverty-related articles and works-in-progress that do not fit into the prior two tracks.

For more information:

Please see the conference website: As we confirm keynote speakers and participants, we will post updates to the website.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organizers:
Professor Marie A. Failinger
Hamline University School of Law

Professor Ezra Rosser
American University Washington College of Law