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This page contains the materials, instructions, and resources that will be helpful for content owners and online forms developers as they start testing their A2J Author 6.0 Guided Interviews in the LawHelp Interactive (LHI) Environment. To learn more about converting 4.0 Guided Interviews to version 6 or for more information on testing your interviews prior to loading to LHI please visit Please also note that a large portion of the actual testing will be done in A2J Author's server,

Testing instructions

All converted Guided Interviews should be tested in Preview mode before they are uploaded to LHI. This will allow us to isolate issues and bugs that are related to assembly on LHI. The CALI team is available to troubleshoot issues that surface in their testing environment before testing in LHI. In addition, There is a section on testing and preview mode in the Authoring Guide here.

Feel free to test in different devices, operating systems, and browsers. However, A2J Author 6 Guided Interviews are not supported in versions of Internet Explorer (IE) Version 10 and under. Also, there are differences between 6.0 and 4.0  Guided Interviews, but we are focusing this testing on how A2J Author 6 and HotDocs software interact together on the LHI  server.

Testing Environment--where to test and how to test and report back to ProBonoNet on testing results

Once you feel pretty confident that the A2J Author 5/6  Guided Interview is working well and you've tested the Guided Interview in preview mode, then you can move to upload to the LHI test server. The PBN testing environment is available here: Please note, you are also now able to upload and test your content in LHI's production environment depending on the upload option you select in the A2J Author tool. 

That test environment has a replica of the data in production as of  May 2015. This means that all accounts, answers, and templates created and modified uploaded after this date in our live/production environment  are not available through staging environment.  This test environment should not be used for anything other than to test. Any work done here can be lost and it is not a fully supported environment.

Upload Instructions
  1. Start at
  2. Register for an account here; you'll receive an email to verify that you are not a spammer, then a second email with a link to a short verification survey to give you access to a developer account. Once you complete the survey, your account will be reviewed and you'll be approved within 1 business day.
  3. Once logged in select 'Author' in top panel
  4. Navigate to the Interview section via the left side panel to select the interview for uploading
  5. Click on Publish button on left side panel
  6. Select the upload destination. For testing purposes choose 'RebuildQA'.
  7. You will be routed to LHI with the interview name and description pre-filled. If the name and description are not pre-filled the upload was unsuccessful.
  8. When uploading a converted A2J 4.0 Guided Interview, make sure to save your Guided Interview before you try to upload it to LHI. You can do that by clicking the "Save" button on the Pages Tab or by closing and re-opening your A2J Guided Interview. This will ensure that the conversion is complete and that the LHI system can identify your newly converted A2J Guided Interview as a 6.0, rather than a 4.0. To ensure the conversion was done correctly, you can go to the Files Tab and check that there is a file with the extension "JSON" in your Guided Interview package.
Reporting Test Results back to Pro Bono Net & CALI

To ensure we receive detailed test results we created a google form that we ask you to use to report an issue.This form will enable us to track the reports by date and help us make sure we are resolving reported issues. Unfortunately, this form cannot accept screenshots so feel free to email those to and cc As we identify issues that will be addressed during the testing period, we will email out the reporters of the results to keep them updated on our findings, and as necessary we will use the developer support list to message out areas where we need additional help in testing and reporting known issues.

You can also access the list of known issues in this website here. Please review them before reporting issues. We will work with the A2J Author team to resolve reports as needed.

Finally, feel free to visit this page for updates and more details. Please also visit the A2J Author Community Testing Page. We will also be sharing information in the monthly calls, through the LHI listervs, and one-on-one to individual reporters to keep people appraised of progress made on the issues. 


Feel free to email Mirenda Meghelli or Claudia Johnson with questions or comments.


Last Updated: June 15, 2017


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