On Demand: Dealing with Debt: Where You Begin

  • Consumer
  • Community Education/Outreach

Many people can't afford a lawyer to handle their legal issues, especially when it comes to problems with debt. In this class, learn best practices for getting out of debt, how to handle the different types of debt, and your rights when facing repossessions, foreclosures and lawsuits. Learning important legal fundamentals – and the resources available to help – can make your journey out of debt easier and more successful.

Class covers:
• Best practices for getting out of debt, including which debts to pay first
• Repairing your credit
• Responding to lawsuits and property seizures
• The different types of debt and your rights and responsibilities for each
• Bankruptcy options
• Resources for further information and where to seek help

Presented by:
Ryan Metheny, Managing Librarian, LA Law Library (http://www.lalawlibrary.org/)

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