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How to Become a Minor’s Legal Guardian

  • Family Law/Matrimonial
  • Juvenile
  • Community Education/Outreach

This is a pre-recorded class that is available 24/7

Unfortunately, many caregivers do not know how to obtain the legal guardianship necessary to adequately provide for children in their care so they can make decisions about their education, medical needs and living arrangements.
Do you need help establishing a legal guardianship so that you can ensure that the basic needs of a child in your care are met? Low income, unrepresented persons seeking to establish probate guardianships for minors whose parents can’t or won’t care for them will be assisted by pro bono attorneys in completing the necessary court forms. All you have to do is call 213-385-2977, ext. 502 and Public Counsel’s Guardianship Team will evaluate and assist you with the types of services you need.
Eligible applicants will be seen by appointment only by calling 213-385-2977 ext 502 and leaving a message. .

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