Lawyering in Challenging Times: Modern Law Practice, Ethics, and COVID-19 - Webcast

  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)

The Modern Law Practice Initiative is tackling head-on both the public’s and legal industry’s perception of the legal marketplace. Almost 60% of civil litigants make too much money to get a lawyer through public assistance, but not enough to hire one at traditional rates. The mission of the Modern Law Practice Initiative is to serve this portion of the population.

We will help you think through and tackle challenges you face communicating with clients and running your practice during times of crisis and difficulty. Using hypothetical scenarios and relatable vignettes, our panelists will give you the tools you need to run a thriving, sustainable, and fulfilling practice, even in the most challenging times.

  • CLE Credit Comments: General Credits: 2.00 Ethics Credits: 1.00
  • Contact:
    Colorado Bar Association