Cada Voto Cuenta Voter Protection Pro Bono Training State & Federal Voting Rights and Election Laws

  • Training (non-CLE)

LatinoJustice's Nonpartisan Cada Voto Cuenta Election Monitoring Voter Protection Initiative, affiliated with the National Election Protection Coalition, is recruiting bilingual Spanish-speaking legal volunteers in five states:
1) New York
2) Pennsylvania
3) Florida
4) North Carolina
5) Georgia
In each of these localities we will identify, recruit, train, cultivate and develop local private bar leaders, bar associations, legal services organizations and law students to enforce voting rights protections on behalf of Latina/o communities across the Eastern Seaboard and the Southeastern United States.
Training Dates: October 6 from 3-5pm, October 13 from 12-2pm, and November 2 from 3-5pm, all at Dechert in Charlotte