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National Housing Justice Day - Thurs. May 26 -12 noon

Thursday, May 12, 2005

  • Virginia Poverty Law Center

Are you concerned about proposals to cut HUD funding for Section 8 vouchers and other programs that assist persons with disabilities to obtain affordable, accessible housing? If these proposals are adopted, people with disabilities and other low income people, including seniors, will face a serious crisis and persons with disabilities will find it harder to get out of nursing homes and other institutions, or to stay out of them!


National Housing Justice Day - Thurs.
May 26 -12 noon

Housing and Social Justice Activists, AND People Who Are Homeless across the country will join to

VOICE OUTRAGE regarding the dismantling of our fair housing and civil rights, and to

REMIND HUD and Congress of their responsibility to ensure and protect equal access to affordable, accessible, integrated housing of choice, for all Americans.

HUD and Congress have abandoned their mission to increase access to affordable housing that is free from discrimination by:

Proposing cuts to all affordable housing programs

Reducing Community Development Block Grant funding by 50%

Cutting 370,000 low-income families, elderly people and people with disabilities from the Section 8 housing voucher program nationally by 2010,


3,704 families in DC-MD & VA will lose their Section 8 subsidy vouchers in 2005

17,688 families in DC-MD & VA will lose their vouchers by 2010

Increasing rents and imposing mandatory minimum rents on very low income families who can least afford it, while health care, child care, food stamps and transportation subsidies are also slated for drastic cuts!

We demand an end to the attacks on our fair housing rights. We demand equal access to affordable, accessible, safe, sanitary and integrated housing opportunities.

Attempts to balance the budget on the backs of low-income families, elderly and people with disabilities must end today!

Join us in defending these basic principles of equal rights and justice.

Thursday, May 26 - 12 Noon - HUD Headquarters 451 7th St SW


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