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Affordable Care Act Optional Medicaid Expansion

Friday January 11

The Expansion presents Virginia the opportunity to extend Medicaid health insurance to about 400,000 uninsured adults with income under 133% of the federal poverty line. The expansion would be funded with 100% federal dollars for the first three years (reducing to a 90% federal match by 2020).

Beyond the significant health benefits for newly eligible individuals, the expansion funding will support 30,000 jobs and other substantial economic activity throughout the state. Despite these benefits, Governor McDonnell has rejected the federal money for the expansion.
The Virginia General Assembly will consider this issue during its 2013 session, which starts on Wednesday.

This is enormously important for all legal aid clients! Many of our
clients have legal problems that are caused or exacerbated by poor health, medical expenses, and/or medical debt. Virginia currently has one of the lowest Medicaid eligibility levels for parents and has no coverage for most childless adults. If adopted, the expansion would truly reform the availability of health care to low income Virginians.

Please attend the webinar to learn more details and to hear how you can help. (We definitely need your help!!) This is really an historic opportunity to change our clients' lives for the better. We'll discuss how everyone in the legal aid community can be involved to help make this a reality.

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