Content Page Widgets

What is a Content Page Widget?

A content page widget dynamically displays the first 5 results from a content page. When the content page updates, so does the widget without any additional administrator intervention. You can set the widget to display more or fewer results as well.

How do I create this Widget?

Once you have created a Content Page (for instructions go to our Quick Start Guide to Content Pages) you can instruct the page itself to generate a dynamic list of information in widget form. You can also designate where this widget will appear, and later change how this widget looks.

Creating a Content Page Widget

After you have set up your content page, the last option on the General Tab of a content page allows administrators to create content page widgets, and designate where they display. You can set you content page to display a widget in the following places:

  • On the sidebar of your site
  • On the homepage of your site
  • On a mirror site
  • On a mini-portal

This does not require any embed code or any other action, simply select which of these options, save the content page, and you will see the content page widget display.

Editing Your Widget

You can edit the widget's name and the number of resources from the front end, by going to your site while logged in as the admin, clicking on edit icon (pencil and paper) , and then changing the specifics in the editing box.

This is the widget from Georgia's Avoiding Foreclosure Content page, and can be found on their Foreclosure Mini Portal Site. As the content page pulls resources tagged with Foreclosure into it's list, this widget will also automatically update. If you click on the "Avoiding Foreclosure" text, it will lead you to the content page, and if you click on the result list, it will take you directly to that piece of content.

The full content page for this widget can be found here.

Changing the Widget Location

If you would like to change where in the sidebar, homepage or miniportal your widget appears, please contact with the name of the content page, the current location of the widget and its desired location.

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