Welcome to the Pro Bono Net Community Trainings Portal!

Pro Bono Net Community Trainings provide SWEB administrators, project staff, pro bono coordinators, and other community stakeholders with trainings and tips about various topics relating to the upkeep and innovation of Pro Bono Net and LawHelp sites. Topics we cover include:

  • Integrating multimedia onto sites
  • Marketing and outreach tips
  • Creating content for targeted audiences
  • Tips for optimal admin usage of Pro Bono Net and LawHelp tools
  • Sharing the great work done by site admins throughout the community

Community Trainings are presented throughout the year during webcasts, monthly coordinator calls, and scheduled webinar presentations. The trainings are recorded and made available, along with the supporting materials, in the SWEB library shortly after each presentation. The SWEB library is only accessible to SWEB members. If you're a member of the SWEB community, but haven't joined the practice area yet, register for access here. We encourage you to browse through our collection of past trainings and to join us for an upcoming Community Training!

If you have any additional questions about our training offerings, please contact support@probono.net

Past Community Trainings
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