Access to Justice Technology Bill of Rights Adopted by Washington

  • 5/3/2005
  • The Brennan Center
  • Source: Montana > Montana Advocate Resources
After three years of debate, the Washington State Supreme Court adopted an "Access to Justice Technology Bill of Rights" to promote the use of technology in the Washington State justice system as a means of strengthening access to justice. The Bill of Rights states that courts will rely on technology to: 1) promote access to justice, 2) achieve a just result through a just process, 3) be open to the public while protecting personal privacy, 4) assure a neutral forum, and 5) promote public knowledge about the justice system. Judge Donald J. Horowitz, chair of the court's committee that developed the Bill of Rights, notes that unless technology is used to create practical and affordable ways to increase access to justice, it may "perpetuate and worsen the barriers and exclusions that have existed for so long, and will in fact create new barriers as a consequence of the so-called digital divide." A strategy group is charged with transforming the Bill of Rights into practice.
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