TIG 2005 Update for 2004 New or Renewal Web Site TIG recipients

  • 3/25/2005
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Mounia Bensalah at LSC asked us to pass along the following update to folks that received a New or Renewal Web Site TIG grant in 2004:

If you have tried to report on your 2004 SWEB grant, you have noticed that there are currently no milestone instructions posted in LSC's online system. Therefore you are not yet able to report on any progress made under your grant. However, as a requirement for applying for either the Renewal or Continuation Web Site grant this year, you must be up-to-date on milestone reporting on your previous grants. Mounia says LSC recognizes that this requirement is not yet possible for 2004 grant recipients.

Thus, if you received a 2004 New or Renewal Web Site grant AND will be able to report on the required milestones by 6/15/05, you can submit a Letter of Intent for the next web site grant category by the deadline 4/8/05. In the body of the Letter on Intent, please indicate that you will submit all required milestone reporting to LSC by 6/15/05. This update does not apply if you received grants previous to 2004 and have not yet completed milestone reporting on those grants.

Please contact Mounia at, if you have any questions about your particular situation.

You can find the TIG 2005 Request for Letters of Intent posted here:

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