News Advocate Site Tip: Daily Admin Inbox Email Notifications Using "Feed My Inbox"

  • 4/6/2011
  • Pro Bono Net

Here's a little tip I discovered while looking for an easy way to get email updates from the PBN Advocate Template's Admin Inbox.

Feed My Inbox is a really simple online service that let's you copy and paste an RSS feed, enter your email address, and start receiving daily emails containing recent updates to an RSS feed, including your Admin Inbox Activity Stream RSS feeds. No account required!

To start receiving Admin Inbox emails from Feed My Inbox, follow these steps while logged into your site as an administrator:

  1. Right-click the "Subscribe to Area Activity Stream RSS" link in the Area Utilities section of your Admin Inbox and select Copy Link from the contextual menu.
  2. Go to and paste the RSS link into the "Website or Feed URL" box and enter your email address below.
  3. Press Submit and wait patiently (for a day or so, depending on your site's activity) for an email notification alerting you to new content, users, or reports in your Admin Inbox. That's it!

You can also open a free account with a password and subscribe to up to 5 different RSS Feeds (up to 5 admin inboxes if you're a very busy Advocate Site administrator). The free version sends out updates over night with one separate email per feed. You can choose a paid account to subscribe to more feeds, receive real-time emails when the Admin Activity Stream feed is updated, or choose to receive a combined digest of multiple feed updates.

Please remember that each Area Activity Stream URL is a private link that is unique to your administration account and you shouldn't share it with other people. Feed My Inbox has a pretty strong privacy policy and the Activity Stream RSS feed does not reveal any private information. Each item in your Feed My Inbox email notification only contains a link that requires admin access to view and titles like "A new member is awaiting approval (#1092)". You shouldn't forward those emails to anyone, but no one without admin access will be able to get member or private resource information if you forward one accidentally.

You can check out the Area Utilities section of the admin manual for more information about the Area Activity Stream RSS feed.

You can also check out PBN's "What is RSS" help page for more information about RSS news feeds in general.

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