NEW ICAN! tool for Joint Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage

We are pleased to announce that two more divorce forms are now available in I-CAN! document assembly. The newly added forms are the Joint Petition with Children and Joint Petition without Children.

If someone asks for divorce forms to start a divorce, consider referring them to I-CAN! instead of handing out paper forms or directing them to download forms from the website. Below is some helpful information about

* Find I-CAN! online at <>

* I-CAN! is accessible from any computer with internet access,
including the Pro Se Workstations. It is free. Everything the person needs to know to use I-CAN! is explained as they use it.

* I-CAN! helps the person select the correct divorce forms
packet. You do not need to tell them which forms to use. Simply refer them to I-CAN!

* The bottom of each screen in the I-CAN! modules says "Need
Help?" This links to the MN Courts Self-Help Center contact information page. People can call or email if they have questions or problems, and get skilled help from the MN Courts Self-Help Center staff. You and your staff do not need to troubleshoot use of I-CAN!

* I-CAN! eliminates many of the common errors people make when
filling out their forms by hand, saving time for court staff and customers.

* I-CAN! leads the person through a set of questions, and then
enters the data in all the necessary divorce forms. Data is securely stored, and a password is assigned. The person can start the process, save, and return to finish the program later by entering their assigned password.

* When all I-CAN! questions have been answered, the person can
print the forms. At this stage, there is a notice that says "NEW! Court Forms Review Service: If you want a Self-Help Center staff member to review your completed court forms online before you print them, contact the Self Help Center by phone or email."

* If someone chooses to use this Court Forms Review Service,
they will be contacting the MN Courts Self-Help Center. Staff will provide a review of the forms to see if they are complete and understandable. Staff will not give legal advice. Staff may point out issues that complicate the divorce, and suggest that legal advice would be helpful. Referrals are then provided.

* I-CAN! does not include the Summary Dissolution forms. It does
not include an Answer and Counter-petition. It includes all other state-approved forms to start and finish a divorce that are available on the Minnesota Court Forms website: <>

* I-CAN! also includes the IFP/Fee Waiver forms.

* Attorneys sometimes ask clients to use I-CAN! to keep costs
down, or when handling a case pro bono. The attorney reviews the pleadings created by using I-CAN!

* All I-CAN! pleadings say "I-CAN!" in the footer of each page.
Look there to know if the litigant used I-CAN!

The Court website provides links to I-CAN! from both the Court Forms pages and the Self-Help Center pages. Again, the handy URL to give to the public is <>

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