Pro Bono Net Announces Summer/Fall 2010 Training Series

  • 6/21/2010
  • Pro Bono Net
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Pro Bono Net is happy to announce its Summer/Fall 2010 Trainings Series.  Included are several trainings for website administrators, a special community roundtable, and three joint trainings with LSNTAP. Additional LawHelp rebuild-related trainings will be scheduled this fall.


All trainings are free and will be conducted online via GoToWebinar. They will last no longer than 90 minutes.  Questions? Contact




Using Social Media to Promote Volunteer and Case Opportunities (Admin Training Series)
Tuesday, June 29th at 11am PST


Looking for new ways to promote cases or volunteer opportunities posted to your advocate site? Social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and networking sites offer new ways to expose your site's content to prospective volunteers. This training will highlight examples of sites using social media to reach existing and new volunteers. It will also discuss the nuts and bolts of using these tools in combination with an advocate site, and best practices for connecting with volunteers this way.





Problem Solved: Great Ideas from Your Peers (Admin Training Series)
Tuesday, July 13th at 11am PST

After the success of our first "Problem Solved! Great Ideas from your Peers" Tuesday Training last year, we decided to bring it back this year - but with new great ideas that have been put into place over the past year. Please join us as we showcase several innovative ways admins are making the most out of the Pro Bono Net toolset. Included in this training will be an overview of several tools that PBN admins are using to feed content in and out of their sites, new options to consider in regards to the display of library content, and several other tips that can enhance your and your users' experience on your site.



Serving the Needs of the New Elderly with Technology (Special Community Roundtable)
Tuesday, July 20th at 11am PST


This special roundtable will focus on delivery of online legal information and web-based services to the older adults, from Baby Boomers on the verge of retirement, to elderly clients. Does the growing older adult population mean more demand for online tools? If so, which ones? And what content will best serve their needs? Please join PBN and experts from the community for a special discussion of this issue.




Showcase of Statewide Website Innovations (joint training with LSNTAP)
Tuesday, August 10th at 11am PST


This training is presented through a partnership between LSNTAP and Pro Bono Net. Join us to hear what's new in the world of statewide websites, including innovations in content delivery, multimedia, outreach and integration with other access to justice tools. In addition to showcasing examples, presenters will provide tips and resources for replicating these innovations on your site.






New Ways to Train Lawyers and Deliver Training Content via Advocate Sites (Admin Training Series)
Tuesday, September 14th at 11am PST


This training will look at the ways our community is using technology to deliver substantive and professional training to legal advocates. Examples will include podcasts, webinars, online collaborative spaces, among other exciting delivery methods. We will also explore how some programs are tying this to their statewide website.






Leveraging Technology to Support Pro Bono (joint training with LSNTAP)
Tuesday, October 12th at 11am PST


This training is presented through a partnership between LSNTAP and Pro Bono Net. We will look at how programs are using technology to recruit and support more pro bono attorneys, and place more pro bono cases.






HotDocs Technical Training (joint training with LSNTAP)
Tuesday, November 9th at 11am PST


This training is presented through a partnership between LSNTAP and Pro Bono Net. The national legal services document assembly community has observed informal standards in HotDocs variable naming and other matters since the earliest days. Our contributor portal and related efforts like the family law system kit provide collections of prefabricated componentry. A new set of standardized variables has been developed for purposes of communicating data from case management systems to LHI. This session will review these developments, and consider the benefits and challenges of standardization.





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