Tip of the Week for 8/10/2007: Tell A Friend (Advocate site)

  • 8/10/2007
  • Pro Bono Net

Are you using the Tell-A-Friend tool on your advocate site?

Word of mouth referrals are a great (and free) way to market your site, and the Tell-A-Friend feature helps you do just that.

The Tell-A-Friend tool allows advocate site visitors to send emails to up to 3 people encouraging them to join the website. Admins can customize the subject and body of the email message. In addition, merge codes are provided to auto-fill the user's name, email address and URL of the page they are referring.

See for an example of this feature in use on

This tool is embedded in the upper right-hand area of the advocate site template, but the Tell-A-Friend page can be linked to from any ActivEdit box elsewhere on the site to make it more prominent or to tie it in with other membership incentives.

Try adding Tell-A-Friend to your marketing mix!

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