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  • 7/23/2007
  • Henry Leone
  • Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network
  • Source: Pennsylvania has added additional information on both Pennsylvania and Federal Courts to its existing Court Information channel. Another addition to the site, located in the new and improved Court Information channel, is information on Law Libraries serving each county of the Commonwealth .

The Court Information channel can be viewed by going to and choosing any subtopic. After being presented with a list of informational resources, select the Court Information tab at the top of the list to go to the Court Information channel.

The information in the channel is localized so you will be asked to identify your location by city, county or zip code. After selecting your location you will be presented with the resources of the court channel. These include resources, based on the subtopic you are viewing, grouped as follows:

  • About Pennsylvania Courts - Resources from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) outlining the operation and history of the state court system;

  • Pennsylvania Courts Self Help Centers, Information and Forms (where applicable, primarily in Family Law subtopics) - Links to court information centers, online forms (including court forms and North Penn Legal Services HotDocs), and information from local courts, legal aid programs and third parties on particular procedures in local courts, such as PFA or domestic relations actions;

  • Pennsylvania Trial Courts - Links to information on the user's local court and links to AOPC listing to contact courts, courthouses and prothonotaries;

  • Pennsylvania Special Courts - Links to information on the user's local magisterial district justices and other special courts and the AOPC's magisterial district justice finder;

  • Pennsylvania Appeals Courts - Links to the websites of Pennsylvania's appellate courts;

  • About U.S. Courts - Resources from the Federal Judiciary website outlining the operation of the federal court system;

  • U.S. Trial Courts - Links to the user's local federal district court;

  • U. S. Special Courts (where applicable) - Links to special courts (such as bankruptcy) serving the user's district;

  • U.S. Appeals Court - Link to the user's local federal appeals court, i.e., the Third Circuit in all of Pennsylvania, and the U.S. Supreme Court;

  • Law Libraries - Links to information on law libraries serving the user's location.

Enhancements to the Court Information channel resulted from a Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) to North Penn Legal Services on behalf of the Pennsylvania statewide website project.

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